Cam2Web Setup



If you have a preferred application of your choice for viewing cameras, you may access your camera's MJPEG stream with an URL like http://ip:port/camera/mjpeg. In case single JPEG snapshots are required, use URL like http://ip:port/camera/jpeg.

There are few more options available for the Windows version, but those are command line options this time:

  • /start - Automatically start camera streaming on application start.
  • /minimize - Minimize application’s window on its start.
  • /fcfg:file_name - Name of configuration file to store application's settings. By default, the application stores all settings (including last run camera/resolution) in app.cfg stored in cam2web folder within user's home directory. However, the name of configuration file can be set different, so several instances of the application could run, having different settings and streaming different cameras.

Building on Windows

Microsoft Visual Studio solution files are provided for both web2h and cam2web applications (Express 2013 can be used, for example). First build src/tools/web2h/make/msvc/web2h.sln and then src/apps/win/cam2web.sln. On success, it will produce build/msvc/configuration/bin folder, which contains applications’ executables.

Building on Linux and Raspberry Pi

Makefiles for GNU make are provided for both web2h and cam2web. Running bellow commands from the project’s root folder, will produce the required executables in build/gcc/release/bin folder.