EPSON WF 7720 Transparancies

EPSON WF 7720 Transparancies

Try the "Premium Presentation Paper Matte".

Myself and many others have had the greatest success

with this setting.

Additionally, be sure and Un-Check "High Speed"
under the More Options Tab.

In the Epson print menu:

Media type- Premium Presentation Paper Matte
Print Quality- Best Quality
Don't check greyscale

Color Options Manual Settings, Mode- Adobe RGB
Gamma- 2.2
Saturation- 25
Cyan- 25
Maganta- 25
Yellow- 25

Color Matching- Epson Color Controls

The latest test I did that produced great results was from an RGB artboard in illustrator with black set to c- 75, m- 68, y-67, k-90.