Reading Body and Chassis codes with an ELM

I know I promised this a long time ago, and I admit at this point I can only say it works on my 99 SL1 with an ELM422 with the serial port, but it should work with any of them if you can get into terminal mode.

Current codes (with the IGN1 fuse removed and service wrench on)
C0919, C1139, B1319, B0019

04 49 19 22 04= Manufaturer type 4 = C0 9 22 C0922

16 51 39 50 16=Historical, Manufaturer, Current codes 5 = C1 1 39 C1139
C1139 Wheel Speed Sensor Center Tone Ring Missing Tooth Fault

16 93 19 6c H M C 9 = B1 3 19 B1319
B1319 Driver Door Ajar Circuit Failure
B1319 Drivers Sun load sensor short

13 80 19 85 H C Immature 8 = B0 0 19 B0019

0 = P0
1 = P1
2 = P2
3 = P3
4 = C0
5 = C1
6 = C2
7 = C3
8 = B0
9 = B1
A = B2
B = B3
C = U0
D = U1
E = U2
F = U3

80 = Mil lamp set
40 = Pending
20 = old
10 = History
08 = Manufacturer
04 = manufacturer
02 = current
01 = immature

D2 = Mil lamp set, Pending, History, Current (that is what you are looking for in the D2 in the above command)

Now to check for codes on different modules you can set to the module by typing
AT SH 6C xx F1

Typical module codes for GM vehicles are
28 ABS
40 BCM
10 ECM / PCM
58 Airbag
60 Instument Panel Cluster
80 Radio
C0 immobilizer
62 HUD
Your car may not have all of these, a good way to find out what is on your car is to type
at h1
at ma
watch for a while, and cycle the key off and back on, you will see the modules talking to each other and can determine what ones you have.
You can also use the command
AT SH 6C FE F1 to look at all of the modules at once, but sometimes when you do that you do not get all of the codes out because they time out (AT ST FF will set the timeout value to maximum)

So say for instance I want the codes from the Airbag
I would type
AT SH 6C 58 F1
19 d2 FF 00

and then decode the codes, the last code will be 00 00 ff indicating the end of the list

These are some sites that have some of the codes anyway, others may be harder to find.


08-19-2009, 08:21 PM
Alright, looked over my work after posting and I missed, the first 2 columns are the codes and the 3rd is the code type so as yet I am not quite there, sorry folks, will keep looking though.
I actually have P0449, P1651, P1693, P1380 mostly history, manufaturer immature.

Try some of the other stuff if you have a newer model with an ELM though, I know that all of that worked on my 2003 Monte Carlo so it is possible that other Saturn models would work.